Public Relations and Communication Management stalwart, Victor Sibeko, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer in charge of the strategic direction of the Institute.

Sibeko will lead PRISA and the Head Office staff to better serve the interest of all PRISA’s stakeholders.

Under PRISA’s new strategic objectives, the board has entrusted Sibeko with a responsibility of a representative role in the Public Relations sector in Southern Africa and beyond.

Sibeko is required to have an activist role in building a robust organization that is legally compliant in all aspects of business.

He has many years and wealth of experience in Strategic Management and Public Relations & Communication, dating back more than 15 years at management and executive leadership level.

Not so very long ago, Sibeko held the highest office of the institute as the PRISA President where he ensured governance, membership expansion and spearheaded various strategic programmes.

“PRISA has come a long way, 61 years of great work by various individuals who were at the helm of the institute and made an amazing contribution to the profession. A legacy worth preserving from the future generation.

I owe this and call upon the fine women and gentlemen who have walked the same path to come forth and take their your active roles in shaping the industry.

Mr. Sej Motau, Mrs. Kate Bapela, Ms. Merle O’Brien, Mr. Solly Moeng, Mr. Solly Matseba, Mr. Tshepo Matseba and many other senior in this beloved profession of ours.

Let’s do this… raise the flag, raise the bar and route out all malpractice that belittle our profession” he concluded.

Commenting on Victor’s appointment, the President of the African Public Relations Association (APRA), Mr. Yomi Badejo-Okusanya expressed great delight at the news and hopes it will catalyse Southern Africa’s increased participation in public relations at the continental level. While congratulating Victor, he urged him to use his office to close this obvious gap in practice levels prevalent in various parts of Africa.


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