The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management which represents over 280,000 professionals in 126 countries is holding its first regional conference in China from today (Friday, 25 October 2019) until Monday (28 Oct 2019).

A Global Alliance board meeting and a meeting of the Alliance’s newly-formed Asia-Pacific Regional Council led by Chair, Prita Kemal Gani, are also taking place in Hangzhou.

The meetings coincide with a forum where Global Alliance is partnering with the Beijing, China-based Public Relations & Global Communications Club to consider the key role that effective public relations can play in developing the image and brand profile of 21st century global cities.

While in China, Global Alliance is also delighted to ratify an historic friendship and cooperation agreement between the Asean Public Relations Network and the Public Relations & Global Communications Club. This agreement will promote the highest ethical standards and behaviours so that the profession earns and retains the respect of all those it interacts with.

According to Justin Green, President, Global Alliance: “What we are doing in China accords with our renewed focus on being truly global. Previously, we held regional conferences in Kenya (2015) and Indonesia (2017). We are thrilled to add China to that list and thank our hosts and partners for their generosity, hospitality and respect.

“My Global Alliance board colleagues and I are delighted to join what is a timely conversation and I want to thank our members from this fascinating and fast-changing part of the world for taking the initiative to collaborate with us to share international experiences.”

He added: “We also welcome the opportunity to engage with government and business stakeholders in China to learn their perspectives and to explore how we can flourish together. By teaming up with counterparts from different backgrounds and cultures around the world, we learn from each other and grow stronger.”

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