APRA Tanzania 2022

Partner Hotels for Accommodation

1. Tiffany Diamond Hotel
(Discount Code -APRA-Tiffany 2022)

Executive and Superior Rooms – 70$
Twin Rooms – 120$
Triple Rooms – 160$

All reservations should be forwarded to 
Davina Msechu

2. Holiday Inn
(Discount Code -APRA-Holiday 2022)

Bed & Breakfast
Standard room – 89USD
Double/Twin – 99USD
Executive – 119USD
Suite Single – 139USD

NB – Extra person sharing room will be charged 35USD

All reservations should be forwarded to
Martha .C. Lukololo
Cc- holidayinndar@gmail.com

3. Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency
(Discount Code : APRA – KILIMANJARO 2022)


For reservations, contact
Mayaka, Johnstone

****** Please note that APRA is not responsible for booking hotels on behalf of delegates.  APRA only negotiated for a discount which amounted to the figures from each of the hotels. All hotel reservations should be done via email and please indicate the discount code in your email to enjoy the discount. Do not make reservation via the website or booking.com and other booking apps, the discount will not apply if you do so.